We Are Committed To Our Veterans.

While other companies require you get ahold of Prosthetics for any types of services, we understand that sometimes you just can’t wait.

If you lose your keys or need a minor adjustment, we would be happy to help you get back to being mobile.

The VA Process may seem long to you but compared to private insurance the quality of service and coverage cannot be compared.

Some of the services we provide through the VA:

  • Complex Powered Wheelchair fittings, repairs, and adjustments.
  • Custom Molds + Seating Systems
  • Hand controls
  • Vehicle Lifts for Scooters, Powered Wheelchairs and Manual Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair Ramp Van Conversions
  • Equipment Delivery + Setup

The Gainesville Prosthetics division has recently undergone some changes to staffing and procedures, however the overall process remains the same.

Once the prosthetics department is notified of an issue they will send a 1090 to a vendor, which allows the vendor to submit a quote for the repairs needed.

The VA has a metric to decide when to repair equipment, and when to replace it – based off of the cost of repairs vs the cost of getting a new unit. They do this to help keep the overall costs of the program down.

If you need to get work done to your equipment and you are new to the area, please call the Prosthetics Hotline at 352-548-7463 and leave a voicemail regarding your issue, as well as your information and they will get a 1090 issued. If you want us to do the work, make sure to let them know.

Once a purchase order is received we will move forward with the services that were requested, whether that is a scooter delivery, a repair, or vehicle modification.

Unfortunately major services require authorization from the appropriate department, even items that are ordered for a veteran and drop shipped to our location require authorization for release.