There are many reasons why your ability to drive could be compromised.  Leg or foot amputations, weakness, and musculoskeletal issues can potentially be resolved by some of the following driving aids.  To get this process started we do require you to have been evaluated by a CDRS (Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist) as we will only install equipment that has been prescribed and signed off on by a licensed CDRS.

We are lucky to have several providers around that can help get you driving again.

Below are some examples of the different types of systems available for vehicles.

Hand Controls

Push-Rock, Push-Pull, Joystick, Spinner Knobs – there are many types of hand controls that can help you take back control of your steering wheel and pedals by hand.

Foot Controls

Left Pedal Accelerator, Pedal Blockers, Pedal Extenders are some of the driving aids available to modify your foot controls.

Seating Systems

Valet seats are there to help you get in and out of your vehicle.  They also make it easier to transfer directly from your seat to your equipment.

Tie Downs

If you want to be able to drive from your equipment, or simply need to secure someone during transport – we’ve got a solution for you.