The type of lift required depends on your vehicle and your power mobility device.  Most scooters and standard powered wheelchairs are compatible with the lifts we use, if they do not have the brackets needed to safely transport the equipment, do not worry because we may have an add-on kit that will make it work for you!

What you can carry largely depends on your vehicle!  The towing rating at your hitch, and the type of body (unibody vs frame) will determine the overall weight capacity of your vehicle.  The maximum weight a lift can handle tops out at around 450lbs, meaning the total combined weight can be right around 550-600lbs!

We work with various docking systems that are built to work with all types of powered wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.


If you are looking for an easier transit tie down system for your loved one, look no further!  We work to make sure you feel secure.

Hand controls come in many different formats.  Left pedal accelerators, pedal extenders, hand controls, such as push-pull levers and electronic joysticks.  We have experience with all types of adaptive equipment and would love to help you today!

We require a driving rehab evaluation with the accompanying prescription before we will install a system in your vehicle.  We do help clients transfer their existing systems into new vehicles all the time.

Below is contact information for several licensed CDRS providers – both of which we have worked with in the past.

Brooks Rehab at (904) 345-7210

UF Smart Driver Rehab at 352-273-6620

Transfer seats allow for unparalleled independence.  Instead of driving from your PMD or MWC, certain situations make it easier to drive from a standard seat where you have more adjustability.

Valet seats make it so much easier on your caregivers, and on your self.  Whether you have limited mobility or just have issues stepping into these ever larger vehicles, a valet seat may be the answer to your problems.

Vehicle lifts are a great option for those who have some mobility left, or for those who equipment weighs in under 300lbs.  As you add seat functions or other capability, such as deck size, tire size, etc – you tend to add a lot of weight.

Some power wheelchairs are right at 500lbs, making it completely incompatible for a lift due to the weight.  The only option you are left with at this point is a drive in van.  These vans tend to require less maintenance due to their simple design and the simple fact that they are enclosed instead of being exposed to the weather constantly.