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January 2023, 2st Quarter

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HUMANA chose GCM as a preferred provider for their Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial health plans. provider portal is active.  Call today for your username and password.  Let’s the the “paper” out of paperwork.

Congratulations to January’s Quiz Winners they received a $50 gift certificate.  Keep your eye out for the next chance to win!

When your patient requests a mobility scooter, do you know the PROs and CONs?

First and foremost, scooters and power wheelchairs are NOT the same
equipment. It is important to know the difference before ordering.
Scooters are the equipment seen in grocery stores. Power wheelchairs are
chairs with wheels.

Scooter PRO: Outdoor use
Scooters are a wonderful convenience item for those who are no longer
able to ambulate outside their home.

Power Wheelchair PRO: Can be disassembled for transport
There are all new power wheelchairs that can be taken apart for

Scooter CON: Require ample space to maneuver
Scooters are similar in size to a ride-on lawn mower. Turning one around
in the inside the home requires ample clutter free space to complete 3-
point turns.

Power Wheelchair PRO: Easy to operate in the home
Small footprint allows for in-place turns giving access to smaller living

Scooters CON: Tipping Hazard
Scooters are easily tipped over, if your patient is a fall risk, even 4 wheeled
scooters present a real risk of injury. The user must be able to stand from
a seated position without using their hands and arms to assist in standing.

Power Wheelchair Pro: Safe for Transfers
With the correct power wheelchair patients can feel safe when
transferring. Avoiding injuries from tips and falls.

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