Powered Wheelchairs

Power chairs are the best powered mobility device for the home environment. They offer superior range, stability and usability that far exceed any other type of equipment. As most power wheelchairs have a motor dedicated to each drive wheel, they are often superior in outdoor settings as well

Gator Custom Mobility is an authorized provider for every major manufacturer of power chairs. Our access to equipment ensures that you have the opportunity to choose the best equipment to meet your unique needs.

GCM has the training and expertise to design, install and configure the most sophisticated specialty drive control on your power chair. Mini-proportional joysticks, fiber optic controls, infrared sensors and proximity switches can enable the most advanced clients to gain the ability to drive a power wheelchair.

GCM offers the most advanced equipment available in today’s market. Our staff regularly attends manufacturer’s training seminars to maintain the highest level of expertise.

Featured Wheelchairs