GCM is ‘Johnny on the spot’. They take care of the referral process and make sure we know the documentation requirements. We communicate well with their office and our patients get their equipment faster

Our Guarantee
  • Vehicle lift with family
  • Vehicle lift with family
  • Vehicle lift

Vehicle lifts

Interior platform lifts

Inside platform lifts are utilized when a client is unable to transfer out of their wheelchair. This lift picks up the client and the wheelchair to the van's floor level to enable the client to enter the vehicle. A restraint system will be selected and installed to enable the client to safely drive or ride from their wheelchair.


Interior boom style lifts

An interior boom style lift acts like a crane to pick up the wheelchair/mobility scooter (without the client in it) and place the wheelchair/mobility scooter into the back or side of a van or the bed of a pick-up.


Outside platform lifts

Wheelchair lifts or scooter lifts can be installed on vans, trucks and cars which are capable of accepting class III and in some cases class II hitches. These wheelchair lifts function like a foldable platform on the rear of the vehicle to transport manual/power wheelchairs or mobility scooters. We can also obtain hybrid lifts which are capable of transporting a mobility scooter or a powered wheelchair. Please contact us before purchasing a new vehicle so we can discuss the pros and cons inherent to each make and model.